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Sketch Artist in Delhi

pencil sketch of a young Indian

I will help you out in finding the best Sketch Artist in Delhi. New Delhi is not only the capital of India but also the capital of art and culture. So here you will come across all artistic talents. 

sketch artist in delhi
Pencil Sketch from Photo for my Customer

It is undeniable fact that you need talent for creating awesome pencil sketching. However, along with talent, you also need to learn techniques and some skills. It’s really not that difficult to get a pencil and start drawing on paper. Are you ready to challenge yourself to do this?

My First Sketch Drawing and My Growth as an Artist

I was posted to a hill top unit in Jammu and Kashmir in 1990s. The scenic beauty of the place awakened the artist in me. Earlier, I used to draw occasionally but it was nothing more than a hobby. I didn’t even know anything about drawing and sketching materials. I used only colour pencils, pens and graphite pencils for sketches.

One day one of my colleagues came after a long leave from Kolkata. He showed me a small hand drawn pencil portrait of his own self. It was a quick sketching done by his artist friend. I was amazed to see it and wondered whether I could draw such a portrait myself.

After a few days, I took pencil, eraser and paper and started drawing my own photo. You might be wondering what happened next, whether I succeeded or not. Well, I succeeded, it was amazing photo to sketch drawing. There was perfect matching between the photo and the sketch. I succeeded in my first attempt itself. But there were a lot of things I wanted to improve upon. You can see my latest works in my Gallery of Portraits and Sketches

pencil sketch of a smiling woman with flowing hair
Pencil Sketch which I made in 2014

Sketch Artist in Delhi Haat

The sketch artists at Delhi Haat keep changing. So it’s very likely that next time when you go there, may be you will find some other sketch artist sitting there. Those artists are really good in their work. Since they are sketching everyday, they have developed flow in their pencil strokes. They are technically sound and they make sketches in a fixed pattern. Matching of sketches is also almost ok. However something is missing in their art, and that is creativity and expression of eyes.

Pencil Sketch Artist in India Gate, New Delhi

My visit to India gate proved to be highly inspiring. India gate is located in the heart of New Delhi and it remains crowded with visitors and tourists 24×7. One day I spotted a sketch artist who was drawing from photo as well as live. I went close and watched him do pencil sketching. The eyes he drew were amazing, they were lively and bright. At that moment he was sketching from a photo. I felt greatly inspired by this artist. He was obviously a self-taught, untrained and uneducated artist. But he proved to be highly motivating for me. Before watching him I was making sketches with Hb pencils. Since then I started using 8b pencils.  When he finished the sketch I noticed that there was not much matching. The sketch-work looked very different from the photo. However the customer was very impressed and happy with it.

Other Artists for Sketch in Delhi

You can find some other artists in Delhi who make pencil drawings on order. For example there is one Charcoal sketch artist in district center Janakpuri. He doesn’t have any fixed hours to sit there. Although I heard about his skills, but I didn’t get an opportunity to see his works, so I cannot write anything about his skills. There are some students in Delhi who make pencil sketches on order. I’m sure they will develop their skills gradually as they will gain experience with the passage of time.

Myself as a Pencil Sketch Artist

quick pencil sketch of Indian artist tripati Dey
My own Sketch Which I made in a few minutes

My key to success as a pencil artist lies in the fact that I try to learn from everyone. I try to learn even from students and amateur artists. Instead of finding fault with their art, I try to see what is unique in their art. This is how I became a prominent Pencil Sketch Artist in Delhi. And my creative approach reflects in my unique art of pencil sketching. I like to produce variations in my sketch works. You can see some of my random portraits and sketches in my Pinterest Portraits. I love to make bright and artistic sketches of human face. This is the reason why my customers get pencil sketches from me again and again.

Tripati Dey

Indian Artist