Hill Station Landscape


Title- Hill Station landscape Painting

Artist- Tripati Dey

Size 18 Inches Height x 25 Inches Width

Medium- Acrylic on Canvas



In this Hill Station Landscape painting I have shown a small and quite village. I always find such hill locations highly fascinating. It’s because of the quietness and neatness of these places.  I think you too like such hill areas. In fact everybody likes such places for tour. The peaceful and pleasant weather of these areas attract everyone during the hot months. That’s why I have chosen this theme for landscape painting.

Hill area village painting
Hill Village Painting for your Home

In our everyday life many charming features of nature go unnoticed. It is because we are too busy with our mundane routine. So we need a break and tour a hill station. Because it is a hill spot where nature is in it’s best form. That’s why I painted this hill station landscape. So that It can give you feeling of nature tour even in your home.

I have painted it with acrylic on canvas from my imagination. I made it using palette knife to create texture of the stones. You can see the houses as made of stones in this hill station landscape. This is quite common in such places due to availability of these resources. The stone houses give a classic look to a hill village.

I painted ascending and descending land forms in the streets. There are trees and bushes here and there.

It’s very unfortunate that these places are fast losing their neatness and quietness. Pollution is engulfing even the best places on this earth. With this nostalgic feeling I have created this Hill station landscape painting.


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