Colour Magic The Colourful abstract painting


Title- Colour Magic The colourful abstract painting

Artist- Tripati Dey

Size- 16 Inches Height x 22 Inches Width

Medium- Acrylic on Canvas


Description- This colourful abstract painting is rightly titled as Colour Magic. In this painting I have used a perfect combination of cool as well as warm colours. The textures give extra beauty to this piece of art. I like to paint bright colour paintings as they are mood-boosters. Colours play an important role in developing a positive atmosphere in your home. Hence I have named this painting ‘Colour Magic.’

The most dominating colours in this painting are purple and yellow. I choose colours on the basis of their psychological effects. Purple colour gives a feeling of royalty, wealth, sophistication and also spirituality. On the other hand yellow colour is responsible for happiness, warmth, optimism, hunger and intensity.

So buy this colourful abstract painting and feel the magic of colours.


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