Textured Buddha Painting


Title- Textured Buddha Painting

Artist- Tripati Dey

Medium- Oil on Canvas


If you are looking for a Buddha painting online, this textured Buddha painting is perhaps most suitable for you. This painting made on canvas with oil colours is small in size. Because of it’s small size you can conveniently mount it on the wall or you can keep it on the table.

You will find many Buddha painting online in different sizes. Basically they all look similar. So in this painting I wanted to do something different. Hence I created this textured Buddha painting using palette knife. Instead of blending the colours smoothly I made them stand out individually. One more difference I created in this oil painting of Buddha. I gave a little feminine look in the eyes and in the overall outline of the face. These feminine characteristics gave additional serenity to this painting. Thus this work of art becomes different from other Buddha painting online.

Religious paintings are popular since ancient times. This is because Religion is the basis of Art since centuries.  Art-works were made on temples, churches and monasteries. These centres of worship are also the centres of Art and Culture. A few decades ago majority of paintings were religious in nature.

The demand for spiritual painting and especially Buddha paintings is always high. Because in this materialistic world you will definitely like to have peace of mind. Buddha paintings provide the much needed mental relaxation. It is also considered auspicious according to Feng-Sui and Vaastu Shastra. It spreads positive vibrations in your house. Religious painting also brings good omen and prosperity to your home.

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