Acrylic Abstract Painting – ‘Enthusiasm’

19,000.00 17,000.00

Title- Enthusiasm

Artist- Tripati Dey

Size- 16 Inches Height x 22 Inches Width

Medium- Acrylic on Canvas

Type- Original Painting

Authenticity Certificate- Provided



This Acrylic Abstract Painting represents the unique quality of enthusiasm. This abstract quality acts as a catalyst to augment all other potentials of an individual. Despite being talented and intelligent a person may be worthless if he lacks enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is an unstoppable force. So it is capable of making it’s way despite obstructions. This Acrylic Abstract Painting is self-explanatory. At a first glance you will notice that I have created motion by using fluid technique at some places. The falling and rising spikes are symbolic of enthusiasm.


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