Abstract Art Cosmic Energy

13,500.00 10,000.00

Size- 16 Inches Height X 22 Inches Width

Artist- Tripati Dey

Medium- Acrylic on Canvas

Style- Abstract

Type- Original painting

Authenticity Certificate- Provided



This painting titled Cosmic Energy is based on a mystic theme. Let me explain this. Cosmic Energy is flowing everywhere in this Universe. This energy is unlimited. There is no dearth of it. Only we need to be receptive to it. People do Yoga and meditation to make their senses more receptive. Thus they open up to this infinite source of cosmic energy. You can feel this energy, but you can’t see it. Because it’s invisible. However I have tried to paint this invisible cosmic energy from my imagination.

I think this abstract painting of cosmic energy will give you a feeling of spiritual energy


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