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I’m a Portrait Artist in Delhi. Send your Photo & I will make your Portrait and send it to your address anywhere in the world.

charcoal portrait gallery image
Sample Charcoal Portrait from photo
pencil sketch portrait of a girl with long hair
Sample Pencil sketch made from Photo
colour portrait of a woman by tripati artist
Sample colour portrait from Photograph
portrait painting of a girl with curly hair and beautiful eyes
For Sale Portrait of a girl with beautiful eyes on Canvas
For Sale Portrait of an Indian woman
oil colour portrait of a sitting girl with flowing hair
For Sale Portrait Painting of a Sitting Girl

If you want to gift a handmade portrait to your friends or relatives, then you can send me his/her photo. This is a most impressive way of showing your love & respect.

Best Portrait Artist in Delhi

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I believe that portrait is a powerful form of painting and I have made several hundreds of portrait paintings from photo. In the article below I would like to share with you 10 occasions when you can gift a portrait painting to someone who is close to you-

10 Occasions for Portrait Painting Gift

Choosing the right gift is often confusing. Being a Best Portrait artist in Delhi I would suggest you a gift which suits to all occasions. It’s a Portrait Painting gift. An artistic gift definitely gives the person a special feeling and he/she will remember you forever.

1. Friendship day

Those are blessed who have friends.

July 30th is the International Friendship Day and it is celebrated all over the world. The way you celebrate friendship day, shows how much you care about your friends. Friendship is beyond definition and it simply means having heart-felt relationship with someone. It consists of close bond and mutual attachment. Trust is very important component of friendship besides loyalty and respect. Friendship can be between two or more individuals or between two organizations.

During your entire life-time you keep making friends. Friendship is a valuable source of learning new things and gaining new experiences. There is no doubt that friendship brings different individuals as well as communities together.

How many friends do you have? Your list can grow if you know the art of friendship. You can wish happy friendship day on social media, but that is a formality, everyone knows that. Clicking the like button on their social posts, doesn’t convey your true feelings.

 Therefore, as a portrait artist I suggest you to gift something unique and creative such as a portrait in oil colour or in charcoal pencil of your friend. If you are in an organization and want to build friendship with another organization, then surely a gift of portrait painting of the organization-head will boost friendly relation between the two organisations. Trust me, I’m really not trying to promote my art! I’m only giving you one of the many tips which you might happen to come across.

So how you are going to cherish friendship day this year?

2. Valentine’s day gift

Valentine day comes every year on February 14. Even for the most romantic people it is sometimes difficult to get the “romantic gift ideas” on this occasion which comes only once in a year (many people wish that it should come several times in a year). So how about a portrait gift to your dear one which will come as a pleasant surprise? Through a portrait painting gift you can show your fire of creativity and love. So, are you ready to celebrate this day with a new freshness?

3. Wedding gift

pencil sketch portrait gift for bride in a marriage reception
Portrait : A special Marriage Gift

Wedding is one of an important event in life. People want to present such a gift which is different from other’s gifts in every respect. A bouquet is ok, but who bothers who gave which bouquet?  As an artist I can assure you that a piece of art work is an outstanding gift for any bride or groom.

I’m a Delhi based artist and can help you by making a face portrait of the groom or bride. Your creative gift will surely be noticed by everyone in the wedding reception.

4. Birthday gift

A gift of Portrait is a unique way to convey your love and affection towards someone.

In a birthday party the guests bring different kinds of gifts like bouquet, show-pieces etc. Some people have no clue about a proper gift. So they simply give money in envelopes.

Whereas, creative people think differently. They plan in advance and get a unique Sketch from a portrait painter nearby. It’s an invaluable gift.

Let me tell you what happens to the other gifts and also to the portrait sketch gift after the party is over. Most of the gifts are not even unpacked for the next few days. Because, there is no curiosity about them. They remain unattended in a corner of the room. Some gifts are intentionally not opened and they are kept inside a cupboard so that they can be gifted to someone else. All the flower bouquets are thrown into the dust bin next day morning. Thus people tend to get rid of such unwanted gifts. Believe or not, these gifts are really unwanted! They only clutter the house.

Whereas, the portrait gift is picked up and kept carefully on the table till it is mounted on the wall. The most appropriate wall is chosen for mounting it where it should be visible to everyone.

5. Mother’s Day

Mother’s day celebration started since 1908. Since then it is celebrated every year on the 2nd Sunday of May. And it’s popularity is growing and expanding to every part of the world to show importance of mother’s contributions in a family.

 People celebrate mother’s day in their own way. Some people cook favourite breakfast for their mother, some bring bouquet, or a plant, some prefer to take their mother out for dinner or to spend the entire day with their mother to show their gratitude. Another way to show your affection and respect is to present a portrait painting. She will really like such an outstanding gift.

6. Anniversary Gift

Anniversary can be of many types. I think marriage anniversary is one of the most important anniversaries. Because, marriage is a continuous source of fun and enjoyment. Especially the initial years of marriage are really memorable. The marriage partners need not make efforts to make it go smoothly during the first few years. But after several years of marriage one definitely has to be creative to make it full of happiness and freshness. One of the tips to make a marriage relationship happy is gifting. Yes one must not miss a chance to bring a present quite often, whether it’s birthday, festival, promotion or anything. But anniversary is most important among them all. If you ever forget the date of your anniversary, just imagine what will be the reaction of your spouse. Anyway if you present a portrait gift, you can silently tell her/him how much you love him/her.

7. Farewell gift

As a Portrait artist I believe that farewell gift is one of the most important gifts in life. Because farewell is one of the most emotional moments in anybody’s life. If you are bidding a farewell to your loved ones you will definitely want to present something like a memento which reminds the out-going person of you, forever.

Therefore, a portrait painting gift of the person is something he/she will always keep with him/her wherever the person goes.

If you want to surprise the person at the time of farewell then I (a portrait painter) will help you out.

8. Gift for chief guest

A chief guest is the most important figure in any ceremony. Therefor the gift to the chief guest must be fitting to his stature. It should be a memorable one with some personal touch. And a portrait paintings gift certainly fulfills both these criteria.

9. Festival Gifts

As per the national and local customs, festivals are celebrated all over the world. And festival means new clothes, delicious foods and of course gifts. There are many festivals in all parts of the world.  Especially in India, festivals are celebrated round the year, from January to December such as Raksha Bandhan, Dusserhra, Karwa chauth, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Eid etc. Because, Indians know how to celebrate life even with meager resources. Here I would like to inform you that on all the major Indian festivals I offer discount on portrait paintings. So in case you are planning to celebrate the next festival with a Gift of portrait painting for your friends and relatives, then you can contact me.

10. No occasion is also an Occasion

If you love or respect someone, you need not wait for an occasion to come. Any time you can bring the person a surprise gift. In fact on special occasions everybody expects a gift. So there is nothing new, no surprise at all. That’s why if you bring a present such as portrait paintings, without any occasion, then it’s quite unexpected. Thus you can convert even a ‘No occasion’ into a ‘Great occasion’.

Tripati Dey

Visual Artist, Delhi