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Tripati Dey Artist

You can freely contact us for any query. I will be happy to discuss about your Paintings requirements.

Tripati Dey

Mob- +91 9871755718

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Costs are within your budget, because I’m the creator and seller of my art-works. There is no wastage of money on third party commissions.

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General FAQ

Q 1. Do you make handmade Paintings?

Ans- Yes, I make and sell only handmade original portraits and paintings. We do not sell prints or duplicate paintings.

Q 2. Do you give authentication certificate with the paintings?

Ans- Yes, I provide Authentication Certificate with all my paintings such as Landscapes, Abstract Paintings, Figurative Paintings etc. All my paintings are 100% original and made from my imagination or from photo taken by me. When you purchase it from me, the copyright of ownership is transferred to you.

Q 3. Can I make prints of the painting after purchasing it from you?

Ans.  You cannot make prints of the painting, because you have ownership on the painting alone. However, if you want to make prints, you can purchase copyright for printing separately.

Q 4. How much advance I have to pay for buying a painting from your online art gallery?

Ans.  You have to pay 75% advance for placing your order. Painting will be dispatched within 24 hours after receiving the advance. You have to pay remaining 25% amount on receiving the delivery. 

Q 5. What are the types of Paintings available in your Gallery?

Ans. You will get almost all kinds of paintings in our Online Art Gallery. Such as Landscapes, Abstract art, Religious paintings, Still life paintings, portraits and genre paintings. 

Q 6. Do I have to pay delivery charges?

And. You don’t have to pay delivery charges for any painting. Delivery is absolutely free in India. However for delivery outside India, you will have to pay the applicable charges.

Q 7. Do you make portraits or caricature from photo?

Ans.  Of course, I make portraits and caricatures from your chosen photograph. I make it in various mediums like oil colour, Charcoal, Acrylic and water colours. You have to send high resolution pic for best portrait work.

Q 8. What is the expected time for delivery of a Portrait/Sketch?

Ans- Pencil portrait can be made as early as 3 days if it is not on waiting list. Acrylic or oil-colour portrait might take upto 7 days. Please don’t rush, because works done hastily cannot be good. 

Q 9. How much is the cost for getting a portrait painting from photo?

Ans- Price for making a portrait is determined on the basis of Size, medium, materials, full figure, half figure, number of persons etc. So I always like to see the reference photo before telling the price.

Q 10. Do you frame the Paintings?

Ans. We don’t frame the paintings, because every home has its own design and colour scheme. So it is better left upto you to get it framed as per your choice in your local framing shop. Besides that a framed painting is likely to get damaged during courier transit. So we ship in a rolled condition inside a sturdy tube.

Q 11. Do you ship internationally?

Ans. Yes, we do ship almost anywhere in the world. However shipping out of India is chargeable..

Q 12. What is the mode of delivery ?

Ans. It is delivered through courier or you can collect it from our preferred location if you are staying in Delhi NCR. Delivery is absolutely free anywhere in India.

Q 13. What is the mode of payment?

Ans. You can pay through our payment gateway or money transfer or in cash.

PROCESS- For Buying Paintings from our Gallery

  1. You can choose paintings like, Landscapes, Abstract Art etc. from our gallery.
  2. Add your favorite painting to Cart
  3. Make payment and receive delivery to your address.
  4. If you have any other doubts, read FAQ or Contact us directly.

PROCESS- For Portrait and Sketch from your photo

  1. To know the costs for portrait making – Send me your Photo & Feel free to contact me through Whatsapp, E-mail or Fill the contact form.
  2. Make sure to Send your high-resolution photo to our e-mail, to get best results.
  3. Confirm your order by paying 50% amount.
  4. Delivery is Free in india.
  5. See the images of completed Sketch/portrait painting and also the images of packaging (if delivery is by courier)
  6. Pay full amount and get delivery which is free in India or collect it from preferred location in Delhi NCR.

INFO- About the Artist

My Passion for Art

Paintings and Creative drawings always attracted me. I was good in landscape

top indian artist tripati dey
Tripati Dey

paintings and figurative drawings since my school days. 

My passion for art continued to grow although at a slow pace during my service in Air Force. I divided my time among art, further studies and my duties to the nation. After my retirement, I started painting landscapes, Abstract art and portraits at a professional level.

What are the art works we do?

  1. Colour Portrait and Pencil sketch from photo.
  2. Landscape Paintings on canvas.
  3. Abstract paintings
  4. Animal Portraiture
  5. We also make customized art-works like book-cover painting, illustration and wall paintings for hotels & corporate office.

My Artistic Qualifications

I did 5 years Diploma in Drawing and Painting which greatly contributed to my artistic skills and creativity. I also got familiarized with the history of Indian art and Western arts. I also Studied anatomy which helped me in improving figurative art.

I studied English Literature in M.A. which helped me in developing my vision of arts. I think it’s because of my study of Literature that I’m writing in-depth articles on various aspects of Art. You can read these articles in the Blog page.

My Experience of Art

Experience is important in every aspect of life. I’m indeed lucky enough to get opportunities to gain experience.  So far I have made several hundreds of Landscape paintings, Abstract paintings, Animal paintings, Still life, portraits and sketches. I have combined continuous practice, hard-work and talent, all together, which is reflected in our art-works.

My Future Plans

I believe that Art has three components- Imagination, creativity and skill. Skill can be developed with practice, but Creativity is innate quality. On the other hand Imagination is like meditation. My plan is to move up to the higher spheres of Art. And it’s not possible without abstraction. Therefore, I’m experimenting with different styles of abstraction, in all mediums, whether it’s Acrylic, charcoal, Colour Pencils, oil colours or water colours. In other words I’m moving from the limited to the unlimited. This has already started being visible in my works.

– Tripati Dey

Art Creator