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Do you understand Abstract Paintings?

whirlpool abstract painting on canvas

If you want to understand abstract paintings all you need to do is open up your mind and unleash your imagination.

Some people think understanding abstract painting is difficult but making it is easy. They think anyone can make it by simply throwing 2-3 different colours on the canvas.  However if they read the profile of the artists they will soon realize that these artists have extraordinary talent of making realistic landscapes or portraits. Yet they prefer to make abstract arts, because it has much deeper meaning attached to it. So how do you understand abstract paintings? Study it through the aspects given below.

1. You can explore Abstract Paintings

As you start exploring it the beautiful things about it unfold before you. You need to have a curious mind and the willingness to allow you to enter the painting and see where it takes you. It gives you the liberty to explore the artwork and you can give your own meaning to the piece. You can explore the Gallery of my Abstract Paintings here

2. Don’t try to find recognizable Object in it

When you glance at an Abstract art-work you might feel uneasy because you don’t see anything recognizable in it. You don’t understand the meaning of it. If you try to find objects in it you will feel embarrassed. It’s a non-objective art. You have to learn to see it from a different perspective. You need to see it with your inner eyes.

3. It’s a Personal Experience

Picasso has rightly said that Abstract Art can’t be explained in words. Because it’s influence on the people is uniquely personal and it addresses the non-verbal parts of our knowledge. Therefore, it is a personal experience. This personal process of understanding this art enriches a viewer’s experience.

4. Feel the Atmosphere of the Paintings

A piece of abstract art is not about nothingness. It’s not based on objects but on the atmosphere which is thoughtfully created by the artist. This atmosphere is created with color, texture and pattern. An artist is well-versed with the psychological effects of different colours. He plans colour scheme as per the atmosphere he is going to create.

5. Abstract Art is Musical

Have you ever tried to understand the song of a bird?  Abstract art-work can be described as the visual equivalent of music. Some abstract artists even gave musical titles to some of their paintings. When a painting becomes more abstract, they acquire characteristics of music. It gives you the same feeling what you get when you listen to music. While listening to music do you rack your brains to understand and explain it? Or do you simply enjoy it and feel the rhythm with your senses? So treat abstract painting the same way as you do with music.

6. Let the Painting Speak with You

An abstract artist makes his art-piece using his emotions and feelings. So the art work carries the same feelings and transmits them to the viewer. If you try to figure out it’s meaning, you will actually create a barrier between you and the painting. So simply look at it and let the piece of art talk to you.

7. Is it difficult to explain Abstract Art?

There is a depth and subtlety in abstract art and it cannot be described briefly. It is true that so many people do not grasp the subtle and delicate qualities of this art, because they are used to seeing traditional art in their traditional social environment. Such people cannot see any skill or meaning in it.  Thus they fail to make any emotional or intellectual connection with the art-work due to their prejudice. If you keep your prejudice aside and look at it with innocent eyes, you will not find it difficult to understand it. It will take you to a fascinating journey as you feel in a dream.

8. See the Actual Abstract Art

The images of a painting will give you a poor look of the art. You can’t see the texture and other elements clearly in an online picture. So it is better to see the actual piece. You can take your time to study texture, brush-strokes and surface. If it’s not possible to go and See the real art-piece, then you can ask the artist to send a high-resolution image online.

9. See the Spirituality in Abstract Paintings

There is a spiritual element in abstract art which can enrich your experience at a different level. Some artists who were inclined towards objectless state were inspired by Indian spiritual occult. The timeless geometrical shapes like circle, square and triangle stimulate and awaken your inner-self.  

Tripati Dey

Artist ( New Delhi )

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