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10 Reasons to Buy Landscape Paintings

Buy Landscape paintings for optical qualities

 People buy landscape paintings because of their magical qualities of depth. And this illusion of depth is created effectively by using perspective. Thus the viewer feels like going inside the scene. This optical illusion is highly appealing to the viewer.

It Gives Outdoor Feelings

Landscape painting represents outdoor scenes. So Most of the landscape art works represent scenes like  fields, gardens etc.  You will also see paintings of hills, sea-coasts or ponds. So whenever you look at a landscape painting you will definitely get a feeling of going out of your home.

It brings you close to the Nature

A painting of landscape depicts trees, mountains, rivers, lakes etc. Besides this It also represents clouds and the sky.  These are all natural things. Having these natural objects in your house in the form of an art work will give a natural feeling. It will bring you close to the nature.

Suitable for Home Decor

buy landscape paintings from art gallery
Buy Landscape Painting Online

It’s suitability is one of the reasons for it’s wide popularity.  You can mount it anywhere in your home such as drawing room, bed-room or even on the walls of stairs. So you can buy Landscape Paintings for your home decoration without any confusion.

Landscape is everybody’s Choice

There is hardly anybody who doesn’t like Landscape paintings. On the other hand, Some people may not like abstract or figurative art. But landscape painting lives upto anybody’s expectation. You can buy landscape paintings and mount them in your drawing room without any risk. Landscapes appeal to all genders, and all age-group viewers. So all visitors and guests coming your home, will look at it with appreciation.

Available in different Themes

Many varieties such as marine landscape, pastoral landscapes, cityscapes are available in Art Galleries to meet your requirements.

Pastoral Landscapes describe village scenes. Likewise, Mountains are also great landscape themes all over the world. You can also buy landscape paintings such as Marine landscapes which include sea and lakes. Architectural Landscapes is another interesting theme. This type of art shows buildings, forts, temples and even bridges.

Buy Landscape Paintings for Cool Effects

Landscapes are mostly made with cool colours. For example green is used for painting trees and blue for sky and ocean. Both these colours are essential for landscape art. And these colours are known for their cool effects on our senses. Therefore they calm down your agitated mood and give you the much needed relaxation at the end of the day.

Landscapes are available in Different Styles

There are many styles of art. And of course you will get Landscape art in different styles. For instance abstract landscapes, impressionistic landscape, realistic landscape art and in many more styles. Therefore you can choose and buy Landscape Paintings as per your preferred styles.

Buy Landscape Paintings as a Universal Gift

If you want to gift an art-work then you must buy landscape paintings. It will suit to any occasion and any individual. You can use it as a gift in a marriage, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. Because it is a universal gift. It is also a popular form of art and everybody likes beauty of the nature.

Landscapes are Lively and Evergreen

Nature is evergreen and full of life. It’s flowing rivers and the falling water of water-falls are full of energy. The green trees and the blooming flowers are part of a landscape art. The grass teaches us to be resilient. The rocks and hills give us the lesson of strength and patience. And all these characteristics and phenomena of the nature are beautifully presented in a landscape art. Therefore to buy landscape paintings is equivalent to bringing peace and liveliness.

 Tripati Dey

Indian Visual Artist

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Winter Landscape Paintings

Seasons play an important role on Landscape paintings. If you go out for doing outdoor painting at the same spot in different seasons of the year and paint the same scene, you will notice huge differences in your works of art. Especially, in winter the nature wears a quite different look. Therefore, I find Winter Landscape Paintings as an essential part of my landscape art

Winter Landscape Paintings are interesting

Winter landscapes are made during the cold months of the year. Many landscape artists like winter seasons for focusing on outdoor painting. The reason for this is that the nature is in it’s most interesting forms of beauty.  

Winter Landscape Paintings have Abstraction

The outside scene looks veiled during the cold seasons. Especially in the morning hours nothing looks clear due to the fog prevalent everywhere. The leaves of the trees look greyish instead of usual pure green. Even the houses in the distance look mingling with the trees. There is abstraction everywhere. Things in the distance are not recognizable, they look like mere shapes. Because of this vagueness I like to paint it with some abstraction. See my Abstract winter Landscape Painting below here.

abstract winter landscape painting depicting snow-capped mountain and lake
Abstract Winter Landscape Painting

Winter Landscapes look mysterious

The mist during winter adds mystery to the painting. There is haziness in the sky and the entire surface looks wet and calm. The trees and the bushes seem to be in a state of hibernation. This is when artists like me prefer to go out and paint them stealthily without disturbing their hibernation. Sketching the major outlines is important before applying colour. A little attention to perspective to create depth and distance, makes the piece of art work highly appealing. If you slightly change the view, you can create a different story in each of the art-work.

The snow in Landscape Paintings

These paintings often portray scenes of ice and snow. Although it is found only in the northern hill stations of India, yet Adding snow to it from imagination gives more visual appeal. The snow-capped mountains and some ice scattered here and there adds beauty to it. Some artists add people enjoying the snow in their own manner. Their activities of playing with ice make the art-piece more lively. Because, this is the time when people go on winter outing. Flakes of snow on the leaves of trees, is another way of telling the visual story.

Tripati Dey

Artist (Delhi)