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10 Reasons to Buy Landscape Paintings

Buy Landscape paintings for optical qualities

 People buy landscape paintings because of their magical qualities of depth. And this illusion of depth is created effectively by using perspective. Thus the viewer feels like going inside the scene. This optical illusion is highly appealing to the viewer.

It Gives Outdoor Feelings

Landscape painting represents outdoor scenes. So Most of the landscape art works represent scenes like  fields, gardens etc.  You will also see paintings of hills, sea-coasts or ponds. So whenever you look at a landscape painting you will definitely get a feeling of going out of your home.

It brings you close to the Nature

A painting of landscape depicts trees, mountains, rivers, lakes etc. Besides this It also represents clouds and the sky.  These are all natural things. Having these natural objects in your house in the form of an art work will give a natural feeling. It will bring you close to the nature.

Suitable for Home Decor

buy landscape paintings from art gallery
Buy Landscape Painting Online

It’s suitability is one of the reasons for it’s wide popularity.  You can mount it anywhere in your home such as drawing room, bed-room or even on the walls of stairs. So you can buy Landscape Paintings for your home decoration without any confusion.

Landscape is everybody’s Choice

There is hardly anybody who doesn’t like Landscape paintings. On the other hand, Some people may not like abstract or figurative art. But landscape painting lives upto anybody’s expectation. You can buy landscape paintings and mount them in your drawing room without any risk. Landscapes appeal to all genders, and all age-group viewers. So all visitors and guests coming your home, will look at it with appreciation.

Available in different Themes

Many varieties such as marine landscape, pastoral landscapes, cityscapes are available in Art Galleries to meet your requirements.

Pastoral Landscapes describe village scenes. Likewise, Mountains are also great landscape themes all over the world. You can also buy landscape paintings such as Marine landscapes which include sea and lakes. Architectural Landscapes is another interesting theme. This type of art shows buildings, forts, temples and even bridges.

Buy Landscape Paintings for Cool Effects

Landscapes are mostly made with cool colours. For example green is used for painting trees and blue for sky and ocean. Both these colours are essential for landscape art. And these colours are known for their cool effects on our senses. Therefore they calm down your agitated mood and give you the much needed relaxation at the end of the day.

Landscapes are available in Different Styles

There are many styles of art. And of course you will get Landscape art in different styles. For instance abstract landscapes, impressionistic landscape, realistic landscape art and in many more styles. Therefore you can choose and buy Landscape Paintings as per your preferred styles.

Buy Landscape Paintings as a Universal Gift

If you want to gift an art-work then you must buy landscape paintings. It will suit to any occasion and any individual. You can use it as a gift in a marriage, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. Because it is a universal gift. It is also a popular form of art and everybody likes beauty of the nature.

Landscapes are Lively and Evergreen

Nature is evergreen and full of life. It’s flowing rivers and the falling water of water-falls are full of energy. The green trees and the blooming flowers are part of a landscape art. The grass teaches us to be resilient. The rocks and hills give us the lesson of strength and patience. And all these characteristics and phenomena of the nature are beautifully presented in a landscape art. Therefore to buy landscape paintings is equivalent to bringing peace and liveliness.

 Tripati Dey

Indian Visual Artist

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Tips to Judge Paintings before you buy it

judge paintings by it's elements

When you are about to buy paintings from Online art galleries how you will choose a painting? This article will give you tips to judge paintings before you buy it.

7 Tips to Judge Paintings

The following 7 elements of art given below make an art piece appealing and outstanding.

  1. Line
  2. Shape
  3. Tone
  4. Colour
  5. Pattern
  6. Texture
  7. Form

Elements of paintings consist of line, shape, tone, color, pattern, texture and form. You have to look for these components in a drawing or a painting. Also you have to analyse how the artist combined these elements of art to create the overall look of the painting.

  • These components or elements are closely related to one another:
  • Most of the paintings are started as a line drawing.
  • Shapes are formed when lines cross over one another.
  • Once these shapes are filled with color, and repeated, they create pattern.
  • When a shape is created with a rough surface it creates texture.
  • If a shape is created three dimensionally, it creates form.

It’s not compulsory to include all these elements in equal ratio. One of these may be more prominent than the others in an artwork. These components of art carry different expressive qualities. For example  rhythm and movement, space and depth, contrast, harmony, and calmness.  An artist decides how to use these components to create great art.

When you study paintings don’t try to be technical about it. In other words don’t follow my ‘tips to judge paintings’ so strictly.  If you find an art-work interesting, buy it. Because some paintings touch your heart instantly.

1. Judge the Lines in a Painting

Line is the basis of all drawings. Therefore, one of the important tips to judge paintings is the study of line. It can be used in multiple ways to create shapes, structure, depth, distance and other emotions. You will be surprised to know that different types of lines produce different psychological emotions in the viewer.

  • Curved lines give a feeling of comfort and ease
  • Horizontal lines suggest calm and distance.
  • Vertical lines produce the effects of height and strength
  • Freehand lines express the energy and mood of the artist
  • Jagged lines suggest turmoil and anxiety
  • Continuous and rhythmic lines lead the eye in particular directions

2. Observe the Shapes used in a Painting

You have to evaluate an art-work on the basis of shape also. Shape can be regular or irregular, flat, geometric or organic, positive or negative, colored or textured.

  • It is believed that shapes can control your feelings in an artwork:
  • Squares and Rectangle shapes can convey strength and stability
  • Circles represent continuous movements
  • Triangle shape in a painting leads the eye in an upward direction.
  • Inverted Triangles can produce a sense of imbalance.

3. Study the use of Tone in a Painting

Tone means lightness or darkness of color. Proper use of tone can add expressive character to a painting. A talented artist knows how to create contrast between light and dark. He can thus create a sense of depth and distance. A talented artist uses tone to create an illusion of form and dramatic atmosphere in an art work.

4. Colour Scheme of the Art work

Color is an element that produces the strongest effect on your emotions. Therefore I have included it in the list of tips to judge paintings. Colour can be used to create other elements also such as tone, form and line. The atmosphere of an artwork largely depends on colour. You must study paintings from view-point of colours if you are looking for a bright and colourful piece of art.

5. Check Use of Pattern in Art

Pattern is created by repeating a shape to create a sense of balance, harmony, contrast, or movement.

Patterns can be regular or irregular, organic or geometric, and repeating or random. Pattern in art is mostly based on the observation of the natural patterns that we see in nature. For example arrangement of leaves in a branch, waves of sea, patterns on animals, fish and insects.

We also observe man-made patterns such as architecture and articles of our daily life

6. See the Texture of a painting

Texture is an important element of painting

Texture means the surface of a painting – which shows it’s roughness or smoothness. Study the texture and evaluate the paintings yourself.

A painting may visually look textured although the surface might be practically smooth when you touch it. It is just an illusion of texture which an artist creates with his skills. On the other hand a painting may visually look smooth although the surface is practically textured. This kind of real texture is created with expressive brushstrokes. Such a texture conveys the emotional energy of both the artist and subject of the art work.

7. Assess Use of form in Painting

Form in a painting is the physical volume of a shape and the space it occupies. Thus it is an important element of art. This element of art called form can be Three-Dimensional or flat. It can produce projections which makes an art work appealing.


While applying the tips to judge paintings you must keep certain points in your mind-

Every artist has his own unique style of painting which he/she develops by combining these elements in different degrees. Therefore in some paintings one or more of these factors may be missing which doesn’t mean it is a poorly executed art. If you look at the works of the master painters you will notice that they focus on certain elements more.

So if you follow these tips to judge paintings with a broad mind, you will definitely take home a perfect painting.

Tripati Dey

An Indian Artist

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Advantages of Online Art Galleries for buying paintings

best paintings online for your home decorations

8 Advantages of Online Art Galleries

Advantages of online art galleries cannot be denied in this electronic era. People want to get everything by simply clicking on their mobile phone. Hence these website-based Art Galleries are growing fast all over the globe. These galleries have many advantages over the offline traditional art galleries. First they are customer-friendly and fulfill your queries and requirements. Therefore I will be discussing about 8 advantages of online art galleries below here.

Online Art Galleries Offer Affordable Art

In traditional art galleries paintings are costly. The reasons for this high cost are many. They have to spend on the maintenance of their gallery. They have to pay salary to their staff. And they also have to pay on various logistics. Besides this the gallery owner also takes a huge chunk of profit. All these expenditure of traditional art galleries are borne by the customers in the form of increased price. Whereas less expenditure means less price for you when you buy from online galleries. Thus you save your money. Isn’t it one of the many advantages of online art galleries?

Choose from Variety of themes

 You can find different types of paintings on line. If you visit a brick and mortar art gallery you may not get variety, because exhibitions are mostly dedicated to a particular theme. These theme-based exhibitions are too limited. You may have to wait for months to visit a theme-based offline exhibition of your choice. That’s why demand for online paintings is continuously on the rise.

Access to Huge collection of Art-Works

One of the advantages of Online art galleries is that they have huge collection of paintings. So You have to just browse through the web-pages. So you can choose a painting as per your required size, theme and medium. You will definitely get a piece of art in your budget. Here space is unlimited to accommodate images of art-works. Whereas traditional art galleries can keep only limited number of paintings.

You will help Emerging Artists

In the so called bricked art galleries only established artists get an opportunity to showcase their art-works. Even their half-hearted art works are sold at a terribly high costs. Whereas in online galleries emerging Artists get opportunity to show their talent. Therefore if you buy art-works from Online Art Galleries you will be helping the emerging artists who otherwise would remain in dark despite having talent. Besides helping them you will also get paintings at much affordable price. So the advantages of online art galleries are for both artists and customers. You can Check our Online Art Gallery here.

Online Art Galleries Save your Time

You can see art-works online, make enquiries and place an Order from the comfort of your home.  Why you should plan a visit in advance and go to an Art Gallery as per their working hours? Since you can see art works online anytime and anywhere.  On the other hand if you visit an art exhibition what if you don’t get a suitable piece of art? Will you move from gallery to gallery and waste your entire day? Obviously, you will not. Thus it’s another advantage of Online Art Galleries that you save your precious time.

Online Art Gallery maintains Transparency

On their websites everything is clearly mentioned in their FAQ page and Policy page. So nothing is kept hidden from the art-lovers. Transactions take place online and they go on record. Thus transparency is the trust-building factor of Online Galleries.

You don’t miss Art updates

While talking about advantages of online art galleries I cannot forget to mention ‘updates’. Online galleries are very prompt in updating their art works. You can see new arrivals of art-works online immediately. You don’t have to wait for offline Art Exhibitions. Thus you will learn about latest trends in contemporary art.  

Find Talented Artists easily

Online art galleries give you access to talented artists easily. So you can browse through the list of artists just with your finger tip.  You can read about their bio. And you can also see their entire collection of works at one place. Thus you don’t have to hunt for such extraordinary artists here and there.

Tripati Dey

Indian Artist

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Sketch Artist in Delhi

pencil sketch of a young Indian

I will help you out in finding the best Sketch Artist in Delhi. New Delhi is not only the capital of India but also the capital of art and culture. So here you will come across all artistic talents. 

sketch artist in delhi
Pencil Sketch from Photo for my Customer

It is undeniable fact that you need talent for creating awesome pencil sketching. However, along with talent, you also need to learn techniques and some skills. It’s really not that difficult to get a pencil and start drawing on paper. Are you ready to challenge yourself to do this?

My First Sketch Drawing and My Growth as an Artist

I was posted to a hill top unit in Jammu and Kashmir in 1990s. The scenic beauty of the place awakened the artist in me. Earlier, I used to draw occasionally but it was nothing more than a hobby. I didn’t even know anything about drawing and sketching materials. I used only colour pencils, pens and graphite pencils for sketches.

One day one of my colleagues came after a long leave from Kolkata. He showed me a small hand drawn pencil portrait of his own self. It was a quick sketching done by his artist friend. I was amazed to see it and wondered whether I could draw such a portrait myself.

After a few days, I took pencil, eraser and paper and started drawing my own photo. You might be wondering what happened next, whether I succeeded or not. Well, I succeeded, it was amazing photo to sketch drawing. There was perfect matching between the photo and the sketch. I succeeded in my first attempt itself. But there were a lot of things I wanted to improve upon. You can see my latest works in my Gallery of Portraits and Sketches

pencil sketch of a smiling woman with flowing hair
Pencil Sketch which I made in 2014

Sketch Artist in Delhi Haat

The sketch artists at Delhi Haat keep changing. So it’s very likely that next time when you go there, may be you will find some other sketch artist sitting there. Those artists are really good in their work. Since they are sketching everyday, they have developed flow in their pencil strokes. They are technically sound and they make sketches in a fixed pattern. Matching of sketches is also almost ok. However something is missing in their art, and that is creativity and expression of eyes.

Pencil Sketch Artist in India Gate, New Delhi

My visit to India gate proved to be highly inspiring. India gate is located in the heart of New Delhi and it remains crowded with visitors and tourists 24×7. One day I spotted a sketch artist who was drawing from photo as well as live. I went close and watched him do pencil sketching. The eyes he drew were amazing, they were lively and bright. At that moment he was sketching from a photo. I felt greatly inspired by this artist. He was obviously a self-taught, untrained and uneducated artist. But he proved to be highly motivating for me. Before watching him I was making sketches with Hb pencils. Since then I started using 8b pencils.  When he finished the sketch I noticed that there was not much matching. The sketch-work looked very different from the photo. However the customer was very impressed and happy with it.

Other Artists for Sketch in Delhi

You can find some other artists in Delhi who make pencil drawings on order. For example there is one Charcoal sketch artist in district center Janakpuri. He doesn’t have any fixed hours to sit there. Although I heard about his skills, but I didn’t get an opportunity to see his works, so I cannot write anything about his skills. There are some students in Delhi who make pencil sketches on order. I’m sure they will develop their skills gradually as they will gain experience with the passage of time.

Myself as a Pencil Sketch Artist

quick pencil sketch of Indian artist tripati Dey
My own Sketch Which I made in a few minutes

My key to success as a pencil artist lies in the fact that I try to learn from everyone. I try to learn even from students and amateur artists. Instead of finding fault with their art, I try to see what is unique in their art. This is how I became a prominent Pencil Sketch Artist in Delhi. And my creative approach reflects in my unique art of pencil sketching. I like to produce variations in my sketch works. You can see some of my random portraits and sketches in my Pinterest Portraits. I love to make bright and artistic sketches of human face. This is the reason why my customers get pencil sketches from me again and again.

Tripati Dey

Indian Artist

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Winter Landscape Paintings

Seasons play an important role on Landscape paintings. If you go out for doing outdoor painting at the same spot in different seasons of the year and paint the same scene, you will notice huge differences in your works of art. Especially, in winter the nature wears a quite different look. Therefore, I find Winter Landscape Paintings as an essential part of my landscape art

Winter Landscape Paintings are interesting

Winter landscapes are made during the cold months of the year. Many landscape artists like winter seasons for focusing on outdoor painting. The reason for this is that the nature is in it’s most interesting forms of beauty.  

Winter Landscape Paintings have Abstraction

The outside scene looks veiled during the cold seasons. Especially in the morning hours nothing looks clear due to the fog prevalent everywhere. The leaves of the trees look greyish instead of usual pure green. Even the houses in the distance look mingling with the trees. There is abstraction everywhere. Things in the distance are not recognizable, they look like mere shapes. Because of this vagueness I like to paint it with some abstraction. See my Abstract winter Landscape Painting below here.

abstract winter landscape painting depicting snow-capped mountain and lake
Abstract Winter Landscape Painting

Winter Landscapes look mysterious

The mist during winter adds mystery to the painting. There is haziness in the sky and the entire surface looks wet and calm. The trees and the bushes seem to be in a state of hibernation. This is when artists like me prefer to go out and paint them stealthily without disturbing their hibernation. Sketching the major outlines is important before applying colour. A little attention to perspective to create depth and distance, makes the piece of art work highly appealing. If you slightly change the view, you can create a different story in each of the art-work.

The snow in Landscape Paintings

These paintings often portray scenes of ice and snow. Although it is found only in the northern hill stations of India, yet Adding snow to it from imagination gives more visual appeal. The snow-capped mountains and some ice scattered here and there adds beauty to it. Some artists add people enjoying the snow in their own manner. Their activities of playing with ice make the art-piece more lively. Because, this is the time when people go on winter outing. Flakes of snow on the leaves of trees, is another way of telling the visual story.

Tripati Dey

Artist (Delhi)